10 Things You Might Not Know About Chihuahuas

10 Things You Might Not Know About Chihuahuas

1. They are prone to reverse sneezing.

Ever seen your little Chihuahua suddenly inhale like they're auditioning for a vacuum cleaner commercial? That's reverse sneezing! Instead of air blowing out of their nose in a normal sneeze, they suck air in like they're chasing a sneeze backward. The pup starts doing a sort of neck stretch, resembling a cat hacking up a hairball. Don't worry, while it might freak you out at first, it's usually nothing serious. It's common in many smaller dog breeds, but our chihuahua pals are particularly prone to it. Check out this video to see what we mean!


2. They possess tree climbing abilities.

Believe it or not, your pint-sized pup may have some serious tree-climbing skills hidden up their tiny sleeves! Back in the day, their wild ancestors were basically ninjas at tree-climbing, a skill mastered for survival to evade predators. Fast forward to today, and while most Chihuahuas prefer a cozy couch to a tree branch, meet Daisy from Miami, the modern-day tree-climbing champ! Yep, this little daredevil has her own backyard arboreal adventures, with neighbors and passers-by so concerned that her owners had to put up a sign: 'Our dogs climb trees. They are fine.' Who knew your Chihuahua could be part ninja, part squirrel?


3. They made great wedding gifts.

This one is a bit random! It goes back to the 1800s in Mexico, love in the air. But forget the typical roses and chocolates. Back then, if you really wanted to sweep your sweetheart off their feet, you'd present them with a bouquet of flowers... and a surprise Chihuahua nestled in the blooms! Yup, you heard that right. In a quirky tradition, Chihuahuas were the ultimate wedding gift, making every bride's bouquet a literal bundle of joy. Move over, roses, there's a new symbol of love in town!


4. The most likely dog breed to require a c-section.

When it comes to birthing babies, it's not always smooth-sailing for our petite pooches, with the breed most likely to struggle naturally. Yes, chihuahuas undergo c-sections more than any other breed! Why? Well, it's all about those narrow hips and big-headed babies. While some lucky mamas can manage a natural birth, many Chihuahuas find themselves opting for the surgical route to ensure a smooth delivery. 


5. The second most-likely breed to be euthanized.

It's a tough reality check, but here it is: Chihuahuas hold the unenviable title of being the second most euthanized dog breed, just behind pit bulls. Why? Well, blame it on their unpredictable temperament, which can sometimes lead to frustrated owners throwing in the towel. But it's not just temperament – over-breeding plays a significant role too. With so many of these little furballs ending up in shelters, the sad truth is that euthanasia becomes a grim necessity. It's a sobering fact and a reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership and adoption. Let's work together to give these tiny treasures the loving homes they deserve.


6. Japan has a search and rescue chihuahua on their police force.

In a heartwarming tale of unconventional bravery, Momo, a six-pound long-coat Chihuahua, defied expectations to become an official police dog for the Nara Police Department in Japan back in 2010. Selected from a pool of 70 candidates, Momo showcased her search-and-rescue skills by finding a person within five minutes of sniffing their cap during a rigorous test. Her small stature allows her to navigate tight spaces and dense rubble, making her an invaluable asset during disaster rescue operations, such as earthquakes. Momo's story serves as a reminder that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.


7. Old folklore suggests they could treat respiratory conditions.

In centuries-old folklore, Chihuahuas were believed to possess remarkable healing powers in the realm of respiratory ailments, like asthma and allergies. People believed that placing a Chihuahua beside a person suffering from such conditions would result in the diminutive canine absorbing the ailment, effectively curing the individual. While there's no scientific evidence to support this notion, many people throughout history kept Chihuahuas close at hand, hopeful for their reputed healing abilities.


8. They are born with their ears flopped over.

Chihuahua puppies are initially born with adorable floppy ears, contrary to their iconic pointy look. It's only as they mature, typically between 2 to 6 months, that their ears start to stand erect. However, if their ears remain floppy following this time, they may likely retain that charming trait. Additionally, the ears might flop back over during teething phases. Take a look at this adorable long-haired boy at two months old, with his floppy ears.

Chihuahua puppy


9. They come in many, many color combinations.

Chihuahuas boast an impressive array of coat colors, with over 30 variations documented, the largest combinations of any dog breed. The most common hues are black, fawn, cream, and gold. However, the possibilities extend far beyond these classics, with chihuahuas sporting a wide range of unique and sometimes unexpected color combinations, particularly in crossbreeds. Interestingly, pure white chihuahuas stand out as the rarest of them all.


10. Two smooth-coat chihuahuas can product a long-coat puppy.

You may or may not be aware that the chihuahua comes in two coat varieties, either a short coat, also known as a smooth coat, or a long coat where they are better known as long-haired chihuahuas. Sometimes, the long-haired ones get mistaken for Pomeranians by those not in the know about this coat variation. But here's the fun fact: the long-coat gene is recessive, so two smooth-coat chihuahuas can surprise you with a long-haired pup. But if both parents are long-haired, they cannot produce a smooth-haired baby, long-haired only!

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