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Clothed Balloon Dog Figurines 🎈 🎈 HE'S CHARMING! 🎈 🎈

Clothed Balloon Dog Figurines 🎈 🎈 HE'S CHARMING! 🎈 🎈

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Hey there, quick thinkers! Our stock of these adorable resinΒ clothed balloon dog figurines is vanishing faster than treats at a puppy party!Β 

Hurry up and snag one before they disappear into thin air! Trust us, your space is craving that whimsical touch and these quirky pups are just the ticket to add a dash of joy to your day.


  • CraftedΒ from resin with a top notch finish.
  • MeasuresΒ 3.9" wide x 7" high (10cm x 18cm)
  • Available inΒ a rainbow of color options to suit every home.
  • Secure checkout with Mastercard and Visa–no funny business here!

Due toΒ the fur-ocious demand, please be patient and allow 3-4 weeks for shipping of these clothed balloon dog figurines... it's worth the wait!

Note: Product image may vary slightly from the actual product due to screen and monitor settings.

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